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Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is important. It keeps us sharp and contributes to the improvement of our services and (operational) working procedures. We focus not only on our own organization but also on client satisfaction with the services of the owners of certificates and inspection reports. 


Global Network Group has a mechanism for client satisfaction. You can:

  • Provide feedback in a variety of ways. 
    1. For example, our email messages and all information articles in our support portal contain a direct feedback link. Moreover, in our support portal you can directly ask a question yourself.
  • Send signals
  • Make objections
  • Submit complaints
  • Submit disputes and conflicts


The mechanism is linked to the following rules:

  • GNG.PD.002 Rules for complaints about Global Network Group.
  • GNG.PD.012 Rules for appeal against conformity assessment decisions
  • GNG.PD.013 Rules for appeal against audit- & inspection results and reports
  • GNG.PD.014 Rules for dispute handling against or between owners of certificates & inspection reports
    1. See AP.PD.001/002 ADR Platform for disciplinary law and disciplinary sanctions
  • GNG.PD.018 Rules for appeal against appointment auditors, inspectors, peer reviewers
  • AP.PD.001 ADR Platform Rules for handling conflicts, disputes & complaints
  • AP.PD.002 ADR Platform Disciplinary law Global Network Group
  • AP.PD.003 ADR Platform WKKGZ Global Network Group


Each regulation is linked to the form of the same name. Through the form, you submit the issue to Global Network Group. After submission, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt including a copy of the form.


The purpose of the mechanism is to:

  • To promote client satisfaction with Global Network Group, with Global Network Group certified persons, products, processes, and services, and with Global Network Group inspected objects.
  • To promote and maintain confidence in Global Network Group, in the persons, products, processes and services certified by Global Network Group, and in the objects inspected by Global Network Group, in the broadest sense of the word, as well as to describe procedures for handling objections, disputes, complaints, reports, and signals submitted by clients, stakeholders, regulators, owners (holders) of certificates and inspection reports.
  • Contributing to the further development of the management system and operational actions of Global Network Group. 


The mechanism applies to Global Network Group and the (candidate) owners (holders) of certificates and inspection reports, only if issued by Global Network Group. 


Objector, reporter, complainant, signifier can be:

  • Natural persons
  • Legal entities 
  • Public authorities  
  • Regulators and interested parties
  • (Candidate) owners (holders) of certificates and inspection reports, only if issued by Global Network Group.
  • Industry (sector) and professional bodies if status is evidenced by statutes 
  • Global Network Group
  • Other, at the discretion of Global Network Group.

The review is conducted against the applicable standards and reference documents, unless otherwise agreed in writing between parties.

Applied principles

The client satisfaction policy is inspired by and set up according to the principles of the international ISO standards, including:

  • ISO 9001 Quality management systems
  • ISO 10001 Quality management - customer satisfaction - guidelines for codes of conducts for organizations
  • ISO 10002 Quality management - customer satisfaction - guidelines for complaints handling in organizations
  • ISO 10003 Quality management - customer satisfaction - guidelines for dispute resolution external to organizations
  • ISO 10004 Quality management - customer satisfaction - guidelines for monitoring and measuring
  • ISO 17020 Conformity assessment - requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection
  • ISO 17024 Conformity assessment - general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons
  • ISO 17065 Conformity assessment - requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services

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